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Peterloo (2018)

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For two filmmakers WHO have, for a lot of of their careers, been bracketed as twin bastions of British social realism, electro-acoustic transducer Leigh and Ken cypriniform fish have not had a lot of in common. wherever cypriniform fish has long worn his liberal activist’s heart on his sleeve, Leigh tends to tuck his politics into the folds of his movies, national crises of sophistication tension and difference needling through intimate domestic situations.

So it’s chief among many surprises in “Peterloo,” Leigh’s Brobdingnagian, many-headed, boomingly angry historical epic, that it plays virtually as his version of a cypriniform fish film. Strenuously description the various tiny orders of business that LED to Manchester’s devastating 1819 Peterloo Massacre, that saw British Tory government ordering a brutal military charge into a working-class crowd of peaceful pro-democracy protesters, it’s a stately, expressly rhetorical paean to the folks — setting the past in stone whereas conjointly lashing out at a contemporary political order.

Director: Mike Leigh
Writer: Mike Leigh
Stars: Rory Kinnear, Maxine Peake, Neil Bell

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